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Amazon Introduced Sponsored Ads in the United Arab Emirates was launched by Amazon in May 2019. Amazon launched the Amazon DSP in the UAE in September 2019, allowing advertisers to purchase display and video ads in a programmatic way.

Amazon launched Sponsored Advertisements, Sponsored Products, and Stores for sellers and vendors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 3rd January 2020. launched in May 2019, allowing current UAE customers of and new Amazon customers to shop using the Amazon App and the website. 

With the launch of sponsored ads, Amazon is perpetuating its desire to help companies share their brand story and meet consumers who are on looking for goods like theirs. Here are the new advertising resources that you can immediately start using.

Sponsored Ads

Amazon Sponsored Products are native ads that contain product information such as price, rating and product title. Amazon says sponsored products allow customers to discover and purchase products on as they browse for similar products.



The UAE Amazon website was also launched to stores on 3rd January 2020. Sellers are free to create Stores and are self-service oriented. Amazon sellers will personalize the content that helps consumers explore the variety of the brand’s items.


Sponsored Brands

Supported brands are cost-per-click, personalized advertisements that help clients discover and connect with products when they shop on Amazon.


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