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According to the survey, Amazon ranked 1 among the online shopping sites and tried to dominate other sites. It keeps itself updated with new features every single week and provides really cutting-edge tools that you can use in your business. 

AquireX believes, giving up on goals is not a good decision. Our team understand the client’s issues and give complete attention and time to them. We put in our 100% efforts to provide the desired results to our clients. 

Our coordinated strategic planning involves designing a customised campaign by our amazon analysts to achieve targets. Detailed study of the project, bringing out new strategies, giving results, and most important the customer satisfaction is what the mission of AquireX is.



Amazon keyword research strateg is for all those who are planning to grow their business and add a value to the market place. We determine and provide the best keywords of the product which are followed by generic keywords, for which the customer should be ranking for.


When Amazon is ranking 1, it is very essential to do effective inventory analysis and management. We take care of your product inventory and make you win amazon buy box. Many new features and tools are available which would make this effective, but a right person is required to handle these tasks. Infuscia provides skilled and professional experts to make the best use of these tools and achieve the targets.



As the name suggests, a seller can display his products on amazon in the form of creative customized ads. When a buyer lands to the amazon page, he would see your ad and click to it, if it seems attractive to him. Our experts regularly promote and keep the track of the insights.



We have a tendency to read the reviews, question-answers before buying any product. It is very important to respond to the customer’s query, which further helps in building a positive image and customer gets to know the product better. 



Bid management is how much a seller is willing to pay for a single click on one of his Amazon sponsored product advertisement in a country that takes the user to one of your products after searching for a specific keyword.







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