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    Amazon SEO – A Comprehensive Guide for Sellers

    October 24th, 2022

    Over the past decade, countless vendors have made fortunes selling their products on
    Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service designed by the eCommerce company to
    help small businesses thrive on the platform.
    Amazon FBA has simplified the process of listing products, receiving orders, and fulfilling
    those orders for sellers. But, many aspiring sellers think that selling on Amazon is now too
    competitive, and there’s little chance of success.
    They’re wrong. It’s not too late to become a profitable seller on Amazon. Why? Because the
    eCommerce company keeps growing every year.
     Over 2.45 billion users visit the platform every month. The Amazon platform (app or
    website) continues to be the one-stop destination for most eCommerce shoppers.
     Even though the competition is increasing on the platform, so is the number of
    opportunities for new sellers. In the 2020’s holiday season alone, over 1.5 billion
    products were sold on Amazon. Many new sellers benefited from these sales.
     According to the company itself, small and medium-scale businesses sell 4000+
    products on average every minute on the platform.
    The point is, new or aspiring sellers shouldn’t be discouraged by the increasing competition
    on Amazon. As long as you sell good products, you can record amazing numbers on the
    platform. However, the leading sellers on Amazon are all masters of Amazon SEO.
    Understanding Amazon SEO
    Amazon SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the process of making your product listings
    more visible on the platform. The more well-designed and visible your products’ web pages
    on Amazon, the more traffic they’ll receive.
    In general SEO, digital marketers have to master the Google search engine. In Amazon SEO,
    sellers have to master Amazon’s A10 Search Engine. The factors Amazon’s A10 Search
    Engine considers for rankings are:
     Positive customer reviews
     Historical sales
     Fair prices
     Presence of relevant keywords in the product listings

    Sellers who master the last step reach out and sell to more customers. Here’s how a seller
    can optimize his/her product listings on Amazon.
    How to Create SEO-Optimized Product Listings
    Creating product listings is easy. Writing effective, SEO-optimized copy for the listings isn’t.
    Select the most accurate categories/subcategories for your products so that target
    customers can find your product. Then, edit each aspect of your product listing to make it
    more discoverable for target users.

    Here are the most important elements of product copy on Amazon listings –
     Titles: Customers use product titles to identify products on Amazon. That’s why it’s
    critical for sellers to create titles that are relevant to what their target customers are
    searching for. Adding the most relevant keywords to the product titles is very important.
    However, never stuff keywords in the titles. Include only the most relevant keywords in
    the product copy. Don’t include more than three of the top keywords in the title.
     Bullet Points: Shoppers on Amazon glance through product copies. For them, bullet
    points that outline the product’s key features are easier to read. Highlight the key
    benefits of the products in the bullet points. Work in some relevant keywords in this
    section of the listing as well.
     Product Description: In this section, tell brand or product stories that further entice your
    target customers. Address any objections target customers may have about using your
     High-Quality Images: Shoppers on Amazon tend to form their first impressions of
    products within milliseconds. How? They form their judgments based on the product
    images. Including professional-grade product photos in your listing will increase your
    chances of getting discovered by target shoppers. Sellers are allowed up to 9 images on
    their product listings – use all of them. Also, learn  Amazon’s Product Image
    Requirements before uploading your photos.
    Conduct Keyword Research
    Now that we know how to create “killer” product listings on Amazon let’s understand which
    keywords you need to use. Keywords are search terms Amazon shoppers use to find the
    products they want to acquire.
    For example, here are a few keywords that are relevant to people who shop for sports-
    related products on Amazon –
     “Training vests”
     “Sweat-free jerseys”
     “Practice nets”
    If you sell such products, your target customer might use any of these search terms to find
    your products. Sellers must imagine all the various ways their target customers might search
    for their products on Amazon. Use the most relevant keywords in product titles and
    descriptions. Use less relevant keywords in other sections of the listing.
    Don’t worry – there are many tools that’ll help you determine the most relevant keywords
    for your Amazon product listings. Here are some of them –
     Google Keyword Planner
     Sonar
     Merchant Words
     Amazon Keyword Tool
     Ahrefs
     Keyword Inspector

     Helium 10
    Learn about the most relevant keywords for your products and brand in general. Include
    them in all of your product listings. Master the art of Amazon SEO with the help of this
    guide. The more customers your SEO-optimized product listings attract, the more sales you
    will generate. Once you establish an impressive resume as an Amazon seller, the platform
    will reward you by ranking your listings higher.


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