Google Ads for Startups – Build an In-House PPC Management Team or Outsource?

When executed correctly, Google AdWords for startups is still the most effective marketing tool. Google Ads rakes in hundreds of billions of dollars every year for the search engine platform. The platform’s enormous reach is unparalleled. Google processes over three and a half billion searches per day and currently holds almost 95% of the global search market.

Of course, 99.9% of the searches on the platform won’t be relevant to your startup. But, the few that are will make all the difference. By investing in Google ads, your startup can –

  • Use multiple keywords to target specific groups of people based on their income levels, age, gender, and location.
  • Businesses can also display customized ads to target audiences that have previously established interest in your company or in the types of products/services you offer.
  • On average, investments in Googles Ads yield faster and better results than SEO. Google Ads can drastically increase the amount of traffic on your website within weeks.
  • Google Ads is flexible when it comes to pricing. Users can spend anywhere between $10 and $1000 on an ad campaign. Effective optimization is the only key to Google Adwords success, irrespective of the size of the budget of your campaign.

Unfortunately, most small businesses and startups lack the required expertise, resources, and time needed to manage AdWords campaigns effectively. Such companies enjoy the benefits of Google display ads not by setting up and running their own ad campaigns but by outsourcing this responsibility to third-party experts.

Here are the key benefits of partnering with third-party Google AdWords experts –

No Need for In-House Recruiting or Training

Most startups have small marketing departments that handle most of their lead generation and sales-related responsibilities. Asking such small teams to set up, manage, and customize Google AdWords campaigns can lead to organizational problems.

Instead of scouting, recruiting, and training professionals who are good at AdWords management, giving this responsibility to third-party experts is much more cost-effective.

Expert Assistance from Day One

When you’re setting up an in-house Google Ads management team, there are plenty of risks involved.

  • Can the people you hire conduct detailed keyword research?
  • Can they optimize underperforming campaigns?
  • Can they troubleshoot mistakes in existing campaigns?

In this aspect, outsourcing this responsibility to a reputable Google Ads agency is far less risky. Bear in mind – if the workers you hire don’t have sufficient expertise in managing Google Ads accounts, your company will spend a lot more on correcting previous mistakes.

With a professional Google Ads agency, you can expect high-quality services from day one. For fixed monthly or weekly fees, you get guaranteed marketing results – the risks are minimal.

Tracking Ad Campaigns Requires a Lot of Expertise

Tracking the actual sources of your leads is a complicated process. You’ll have to set up HTML tracking codes on your website to get accurate reports on your PPC campaigns. A professional Google Ads management company will only hire masters of the Google search network.

These experts can monitor, track, analyze, and optimize AdWords campaigns in an affordable, transparent, and error-free manner.

For many startups and small businesses, cracking the Google Ads code is the key to success. AquireXhelps many such firms create profitable AdWords campaigns. Recently the company’s Google AdWords team was listed as the ninth-best PPC agency in Delhi by Manifest, a leading USA-based listing site.

This certified Google AdWords agency is trusted by many renowned startups.