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    Meet Our Lovely And Super Talented Team At Infuscia
    #WeAreFamily. We're a team of 20+ passionate digital marketers, designers and programmers.

    Growth hacking demands expertise and teamwork. Needless to say, we are well equipped with geniuses of their respective fields devoted to make your business flourish more than ever. We have

    1. Developers – A seamless development is an integral key to success.
    2. Digital marketers – Every business needs to market its services. We do that a lot!
    3. Content Writers – Content is a driving force. We do not fail to leverage the most out of it.

    Tahseem Ahmad Qureshi
    Founder & Growth Head
    Junaid Hakim
    Junaid Hakim
    Strategy Head @AquireX
    Willy Fragle
    Willy Fragle
    Sr. Graphic Designer - Visual & Motion
    Vikash Kumar Gupta
    Graphic Designer & Motion Graphic Artist
    Ankit Chauhan
    Sales Hustler
    Mohammad Alam
    Devops & AWS Lead
    Vivek Aghera
    Shopify Developer
    Vikas Kumar
    Amazon SEO & PPC
    Nishiika Santlani
    Content Writer
    Farman Qureshi
    SEO Growth Executive
    Soudeep Tikadar
    Soudeep Tikadar
    Growth Marketing Executive @AquireX


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